October 27, 2020

Male Extra

Male Extra is a dietary supplement, and it promotes natural anti-aging properties so that the user can live longer. The primary function of this product is to produce a molecule NO2(nitric oxide). We all want to live longer and taking this product is key to a longer life. Read on further to know more about it.

What Male Extra is all about?

Everyone wants to have a long and happy life and people also keep on hunting for miracle supplements. The maker of this product claims to provide you with a long and healthy life. Using the miracle molecule NO2, this supplement claims to prevent poor circulation, heart disease, low energy, arthritis, bad memory, and many other common aging symptoms.

The Male Extra supplement is being marketed towards the senior citizens who want to go back to their youth and enjoy the energy. The makers of the product claim that using this supplement can reverse the damage caused by inherited genes. In other words, it can be explained that if one is going to die at the age of 70, then taking this supplement might fix it and expand your age till the nineties. This is the reason why it is called a miracle pill.

How Male Extra Works?

This supplement works by producing NO2 molecules in the body. It is a big molecule and athletes, weight lifters and anyone who wants to enhance their energy levels take it regularly. NO widens the blood vessels and makes it is easy for the heart to push more blood into all the parts of the body. Basically, NO2 molecules relax blood vessels, and this leads to enhanced blood flow to all the cells and organs, which strengthens the cardiovascular tissues. Our body can naturally produce NO2, but aging takes this production away or makes it slow. By taking NO2 molecules through this supplement can boost up natural nitric oxide levels. After that, you will see changes such as

  • Fix blood pressure issues
  • Raise your energy levels
  • Boost up blood circulation
  • Reduces joint pain and inflammation
  • Reduce insomnia risks
  • Enhances cognitive abilities and memory

The makers claim that their supplement has gone through thousands of researchers and its benefits are confirmed. Good circulation is definitely good for your body and is having many benefits, so there is nothing wrong with taking this supplement. Even doctors prescribe natural supplements that can raise your NO levels. In fact, these medications are being used for decades to save many lives. Taking this supplement after your forties is going to produce natural nitric oxide levels when the natural process of the body declines. Many individuals take NO based supplements to fight the issues caused by aging.

How Male Extra raise NO levels?

It is not a secret that NO really enhances your blood circulation. It is an essential body process and blesses you with a normal healthy state. This is the reason why the body produces it naturally. This supplement raises your NO levels by providing your body with the natural nutrients composed in this supplement. L-ornithine and L-arginine are the two ingredients that do the working of NO enhancement in the body. These are the two essential amino acids that are found in the dietary supplements frequently to expand your blood vessels and produce NO naturally.

Male Extra Ingredients and Dosage

Male Extra is an excellent supplement, and elderly people must take it regularly. There are many health benefits, which this supplement can provide you with. It raises blood circulation by delivering your body with two ingredients L-ornithine and L-Arginine. The other ingredients are

  • AAKG-Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate
  • AKKIC- Arginine ketoisocaproate
  • OKG- Ornithine Alpha-ketoglutarate
  • L-Arginine

The problem with this supplement is that the manufacturers did not disclose anything about its dosage. It is important that you consult doctors to know the exact dosage of this supplement. It is really important because taking the high dosage of L-arginine can cause serious side effects. The typical dosage of L-arginine is between five thousand mg to ten thousand mg.

Should you Try Male Extra?

Overall taking this supplement is a good idea if you really need to enhance your energy levels. There are natural ingredients present in it. You can try Male Extra because there is a thirty-day money-back guarantee with this supplement. Taking this product is a good idea for the elderly, but it is recommended to take this supplement dosage under the guidance of the doctors. Otherwise, there is no risk in trying this supplement.

Are there any Side Effects Male Extra?

Taking L-arginine in high dose are having serious side effects. It is suggested that you confirm the dosage first or if allergic to any of its components do not use it. Take this supplement after your forties and before that rely on a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Customer Feedbacks

Alan grand 48 – “I tried this product for two months and then left its use. Male Extra worked for me, but my doctor advised me to use it for short periods. It is also expensive for me, so I am looking for another alike product. I would suggest others to consult your doctors first to be safe with its use.”

Gemini freedom 52 – “My husband and I both are taking this product for 4 months now and living a very healthy life. I thought it would be slow because of its natural, but I was wrong. It works instantly, and you feel quite young from inside. I recommend that elderly people must try this product. It is natural with no side effects.”

Male Extra Pricing

This product is really expensive because there are other supplements in the category, which are having a low price. The rates of Male Extra are

  • One bottle will cost you $69.95
  • Two bottles will cost you $119.90
  • Four bottles will cost you $199.80

The shipping charges are included for anywhere in the US. All the purchases are available with a ninety-day money-back guarantee. There is a VIP auto shipping program also available for which you can sign up. This will let you have 10% off on your purchase.

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